About us:

Stefan Czarniecki's Comput Flag

is a historical reconstruction group bringing together people who are passionate about history of United Commonwealth of the Two Nations in the 17th Century. Using available historical sources, we attempt to reconstruct clothing, objects of everyday use, weapons, and military equipment of the era of interest. We present and learn about the appearance as well as the mode of operations of some of the contemporary army formations. The name of the Group relates to Comput, i.e. permanent military unit in the service of the Commonwealth, and to the name of the famous commander from the period of the Swedish Deluge - Stefan Czarniecki. He was awarded for his military merits by King John II Casimir of Poland, who gave Czarniecki Starostwo Tykockie (Polish for Eldership of Tykocin) and small village Białystok.

We are open to co-operation with various institutions and societies.

We became partners with
the Army Museum in Białystok.

During the period of 2006-2009, the majority of Stefan Czarniecki's Comput Flag belonged to a historical reconstruction group recreating the reality of the 17th Century nobility. We took part in numerous cultural and historical events, including:
  • Szturm Twierdzy Zamość (Polish for the Siege of Zamość Fortress)
  • Turniej Skarbu Kwarcianego w Rawie Mazowieckiej (Polish for Tournament of the Quarter Army Treasury in Rawa Mazowiecka)
  • Zdobycie Tykocina ( Polish for the Capture of Tykocin)
  • Terra Heroica in Kamieniec Podolski
  • Staging of the 1656 Battle of Warsaw.

In the second half of 2009, a new historical reconstruction group was formed and assumed the name of Stefan Czarniecki's Comput Flag.

How to contact us:

Association of Stefan Czarniecki's Comput Flag

Hubert Jakończuk - tel. +48 791 991 488

Deputy chairman:
Krzysztof Rogowski - tel. +48 793 779 770
Krzysztof Półtorak - tel. +48 604 159 340

e-mail: komputowa@intmail.pl

What we offer:

  • We take part in the 17th Century battle reconstructions and other historical staging in Poland and abroad.
  • On request, we organise live history lessons at schools and educational institutions.
  • We diversify cultural, sports, and entertainment events as well as commemorative ceremonies for various holidays and anniversaries.
  • We organise nobility feasts.
  • We make weaponry and armament, objects of everyday use, and elements of clothing from the 17th Century.
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